Soto Street Building I

The facilities that support USC-TCORS’s research are located on the third floor of the USC Soto Street Building right outside the USC Health Sciences Campus just east of downtown Los Angeles. This space is the home of faculty offices for TCORS Principal Investigators, office space for field-research staff, and a workroom for survey preparation, development, and data storage.

HEAL Laboratory

The biobehavioral research facilities at USC-HEAL are designed for conducting human laboratory studies of substance use and other related health behaviors. Located in the Institute for Genetic Medicine Building at the USC Health Sciences Campus, the facilities include four observation suites. Each suite contains an observation room equipped with chair, desk, computer (for participants to complete computerized cognitive tasks), and ventilation systems to clear smoke. In addition, suites contain large one-way mirrors and intercoms to allow visibility and communication from adjoining research control areas. Adjacent to USC-HEAL are biospecimen facilities that are equipped for the handling, storage, and analysis of biological samples (e.g., saliva, urine, and plasma).

The University of Southern California's Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (USC TCORS) for Vulnerable Populations is one of 9 Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science in the U.S. We were created to serve in the production of relevant scientific data to inform the regulatory decision making at the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products. Additionally, we are here to educate and train the next generation of tobacco regulatory scientists.

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