Career Enhancement Program

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The USC-TCORS Career Enhancement Core provides career building experiences structured to increase the combination of knowledge of regulatory issues and skills in a specific scientific area. Our trainees have excelled in generating TRS research portfolios and have secured related academic and professional positions upon completion of our robust training program, which includes:

Training and career enhancement opportunities for candidates at the pre-doctoral and post- doctoral levels, as well as for new or early stage faculty investigators;

Structured mentorship and immersion into the various USC-TCORS research project teams to enhance training in the methodologies and disciplines employed by TRS researchers;

Opportunities to develop independent research projects through competitive pilot project funding program; Learn more

Trainees will benefit from both formal (i.e. coursework) and informal (i.e. speaker series, workshop, etc.) educational opportunities;

Opportunities for week-long immersion experiences outside of the USC TCORS, including other TCORS and FDA CTP

Our Current Trainees

Saida Coreas
Pre- doctoral Scholar
Dae-Hee Han, Ph.d.
Post-doctoral Scholar
Holly Lung
Pre- doctoral Scholar