Effects of Social Media Messages and Marketing on Tobacco Transitions Project 1

Project 1 incorporates two complementary studies to determine how pro-tobacco marketing and messages about e-cigarettes on social media will influence e-cigarette susceptibility, experimentation, and transitions in tobacco use among adolescents (under age 18) and young adults (ages 18-29). Results can guide FDA regulations affecting marketing on social media that may have differential effects on non-users and users, and FDA’s evaluation of the potential risk of messages outlined in new product marketing applications.

Principal Investigators

Jennifer Unger, Ph.D.
Professor of Preventive Medicine

Jon-Patrick Allem, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Research Preventive Medicine

Project Aims

Aim 1: To analyze continuously collected social media posts that include e-cigarette and other tobacco product-related keywords to determine trends in product marketing and conversations about e-cigarette products and their diverse product characteristics

Aim 2: To determine whether participation (e.g., posting, liking, sharing) in e-cigarette-related social media, especially posts that contain youth-oriented themes, is associated with tobacco product susceptibility and use among youth and young adults

For more information on this project, please contact tcors@usc.edu


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