Rob McConnell, M.D.

Dr. Rob McConnell is a physician and environmental epidemiologist, and Professor of Preventive Medicine. He has led the development of studies examining the role of e-cigarettes as a gateway to cigarette and tobacco product use, and of other risk factors for tobacco product use, in youth in the large cohort studies conducted in the USC Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science Project 3, for which he is the co-PI. He has also studied the effects of e-cigarette use on respiratory health. Dr. McConnell directs the NIH/Environmental Protection Agency-supported Southern California Children’s Environmental Health Center. He has studied the effects of air pollution and smoking on children’s health, including the development of asthma and lung function deficits, early markers for cardiovascular disease, obesity and metabolic disease, and neurodevelopment. He has investigated susceptibility to the effects of environmental exposures conferred by psychosocial stress and social factors, exercise, genetics and co-exposures associated with housing conditions. He co-directs the NIEHS T32 training program in environmental genomics and the Career Development Program of the Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center. Prior to coming to USC, he directed a World Health Organization regional environmental health center for Latin America and the Caribbean. Dr. McConnell is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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