Samantha Cwalina

Sam is a third-year doctoral student in the Department of Preventive Medicine and has been involved in tobacco regulatory research for six years, beginning during her undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh. During her time at Pitt, she researched nicotine reduction paradigms in two settings: 1) nicotine self-administration in rodent models, and 2) low nicotine content cigarettes in samples of adult current smokers. Since starting her doctoral program at USC, she has worked closely with her faculty advisors, Drs. Mary Ann Pentz, Jennifer Unger, and Jessica Barrington-Trimis, to extend her tobacco regulatory science knowledge to research on adolescent and young adult menthol cigarette smokers using large national datasets. Her other research interests include e-cigarette use, poly-tobacco product use, and mental health outcomes among adolescents and young adults.

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