Steve Sussman, Ph.D., FAAHB, FAPA

Steve Sussman, Ph.D., FAAHB, FAPA, received his doctorate in social-clinical psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1984. He is a professor of preventive medicine, psychology, and social work at the University of Southern California (USC), and he has been at USC for 35 years. He studies etiology, prevention, and cessation within the addictions arena, broadly defined, as well as translation research and program development. He has over 500 publications. His programs include Project Towards No Tobacco Use (young teen tobacco use prevention), Project Towards No Drug Abuse (older teen drug abuse prevention), and Project EX (older teen tobacco use prevention/cessation), which are considered evidence-based programs at numerous agencies (i.e., CDC, NIDA, NCI, OJJDP, SAMSHA, CSAP, Colorado and Maryland Blueprints, Health Canada, U.S. DOE and various State Departments of Education). Dr. Sussman also has been involved in research on tobacco products, and retail and vape shops, on the USC TCORS, and he was the co-leader of the previous TCORS-1 National Special Interest Group on Vape Shops (2013-2018). He received the honor of Research Laureate for the American Academy of Health Behavior in 2005, and he was President there (2007-2008). Also, as of 2007, he received the honor of Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Division 50, Addictions). He is the current Editor of Evaluation & the Health Professions (SAGE Publications). His newest text is: Substance and Behavioral Addictions: Concepts, Causes, and Cures (Cambridge, 2017).

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