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Welcome to the Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science at USC

What We Do

The University of Southern California’s Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (USC TCORS) for Vulnerable Populations is one of 14 Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science in the U.S. We were created to serve in the production of relevant scientific data to inform the regulatory decision making at the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products. Additionally, we are here to educate and train the next generation of tobacco regulatory scientists.

Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS): An Overview

The TCORS are expected to demonstrate research excellence and leadership in tobacco regulatory science that will contribute to the science base that FDA will use to develop meaningful product regulation, which will in turn reduce the toll of tobacco-related disease, disability, and death in the United States. Essential elements of the TCORS include at least three theoreticallty grounded, strong reseach projects with an integrative them; and Administrative Core and other cores as needed; the abiltiy to cunduct developmental/pilot and time-sensititve research; and a program for career development and training.

Below you will find an organizational flow chart that visually demonstrates how the USC TCORS meets the essential elements set out by the FDA.

Tobacco Regulatory Science vs. Tobacco Control

Regulatory Science is the science of developing new tools, standards and approaches to assess the safety, efficacy, quality and performance of (mainly) FDA-regulated products. Similarly, Tobacco Regulatory Science (TRS) is the development and application of a scientific base that will guide the FDA's efforts in the drafting and implementation of regulations on the manufacture, marketing and sale/distribution of the variety of tobacco products, with the goal of protecting public health. TRS, especially with respect to the roles and responsibility of the TCORS does not include an advocacy role. In other words, TCORS are not funded to implement tobacco control activities, but rather to provide scientific evidence to guide the FDA's decision-making process. USC TCORS' aims listed on our 'About: Overview' page identifies the ways in which direct our specific research to inform tobacoo regulation.


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